Bamboo Kitchen Starter Kit -

Bamboo 'timber' dish-washing brushes that look good and work a treat & are 100%  Home Compostable! Move beyond plastic to the EKOH's zero waste kitchen cleaning brushes. Natural, 100% biodegradable cleaning essentials & packaging. Our kind of happy! Made out of Bamboo with Sisal and Coconut fibre bristles, this set is the perfect natural addition to your zero waste kitchen. The 5 Pack makes a great housewarming gift, wedding gift, a gift for a keen baker or foodie or for a friend starting out on their zero waste journey. The perfect set of brushes for all your kitchen cleaning needs. From scrubbing dishes, pots & pans and gentle enough for plates, water bottles, jars, veggies and more.  When the products reach the end of their life, simply toss them into your compost bin and return them to the earth. Your EKOH essentials Kitchen kit contains : * Veggie Brush - 7X8.5cm * Pot & Pan scrubber- 7X8.5cm * Dish brush – reuse & reuse simply by replacing the brush head- 22.7X4X4.4cm

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