Marin Black Businesses to Support

Bishlam Bullock | 19 February, 2021

            Marin Black Businesses to Support

As We Enter February Celebrating and Honoring Black History, We’d Like To Take The Time To Acclaim Marin Black Businesses. 🤎

Here are some of the many wonderful Black-Owned Marin County businesses that could use your support this month and all-year long: 

Sweet Tey Pastries

Onna Shay, Owner And Founder of Sweet Tey Pastries was raised In Marin City, Onna started baking 7 Years Ago after attending Johnson and Whales University in Denver Colorado. In 2020, Onna launched her baking business and has shared her treats At local farmer's markets, events, and with friends and family.

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Marin City Art & Culture Center

We Would Like To Pay Homage To The Marin City Art & Culture Center. In The Heart Of Marin City, located at 100 Donahue Ave Suite B, they showcase the work and Celebrate the Creativity of African American Artists. The Center hosts a number of small businesses, sellers, artists, writers and is open to the public seeking fine art books unique products coming out of African Diaspora. The Center also hosts all its items that are for sale on their website: Marin City Art & Culture is a membership-based group of black artists in various disciplines including art, musical theater, dance, and literary arts devoted to preserve African-American culture. Schedule a time to stop by and support the artists of Marin City and Help us preserve African-American history and art. ♥️ 💛 💚

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Performing Stars

We have the honor to introduce founder of @performing_stars and A True Community Leader, Felecia Gaston. 💫 Based in Marin City, the non-profit strives to help underserved kids in Marin County achieve their full potential. Performing Stars provides training in dance, music, and theater, as well as access to digital literacy, reading, civic education, and a variety of after-school activities and summer camps.

"We at Performing Stars believe that every child deserves to 'star' in roles that will help build the self-esteem necessary to face the challenges of successful adult hood."

Performing Stars has served the community of Marin for over 30 years! Felecia continues to give to her community and her efforts have benefited thousands of children and families within Marin. We would like to see Performing Stars continue its amazing strive to give back to the community. If you would like more information on how you can donate or get involved please check out their website: Thank you Performing Stars for all you do! 

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Which local and global Black and POC-owned businesses are your favorites? Let us know with a comment or follow us on social to share with our Salon B community.