Bambooju Thermos Infuser 500 ml | Eco-friendly

THE DETAILS: ▸ Isothermal bottle in stainless steel and bamboo coating ▸

Size: 20.5cm in diameter x 7cm in height ▸

450ml capacity ▸

Isothermal to keep your drinks hot or cold ▸ Included: a tea infuser ▸ Natural bamboo.

We like ♡: its little tea infuser, we can take our matcha latte everywhere! The Bamboo Thermos Bambooju is the perfect accessory that allows carrying tea or hot drink for more than 6 hours and a cold drink for more than 10 hours. This nomadic teapot is made with 100% natural and recyclable materials, in particular bamboo. Why Bambooju? - Almost zero ecological footprint thanks to transportation by rail - This product respect a 100% natural production

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