Paperthinks Eco-friendly Recycled Leather Card Case

Eco-friendly Paperthinks card case have an elegant clean design with four card slots and cotton lining.

Paperthinks card cases are a durable and stylish way to protect business cards, bank and credit cards, gift cards and cash.

Paperthinks recycled leather card cases make for a great compact wallet alternative.

Paperthinks Card Cases are made of recycled leather which use the leather cut-offs and scraps created by leather work glove manufacturing and prevent these cut offs ending up in landfills.

Paperthinks recycled leather card cases also make great monogramming blanks. Product Features: 4.25 x 3.25 inches (9.90 X 7.11 cm) Four Card Slots with cotton lining Fit for business cards, bank and ID cards and cash 100% recycled leather


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